[Operators] Finally *fix* the list-issue

Daniel Fischaleck daniel at fischaleck.net
Mon Jan 16 19:08:04 UTC 2012

Am Montag, 16. Januar 2012, 18:58:01 schrieb Friedrich Kron:
> Hello Peter,
> i think a private webpage does not solve the maintenance problem for the
> xmpp.org jabber server list.
> mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards,
> Friedrich Kron
> edv dienstschiene
> Mail: friedrich.kron at jaim.at

Hello Friedrich,

it is no big deal in my opinion. Mati just has to implement a function which 
is capable to display the server list on third party homepages using the PHP 
include command.

In other words: if you have some spare time, Mati, then please think about how 
xmpp.org could fetch the list from jabber.at (maybe with a small copyright on 
its footer) and display it on their server list page.

kind regards,


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