[Operators] need a public server (with english webaccess)

Arsimael Arsimael at voxnoctem.de
Mon Jan 16 22:02:37 UTC 2012

 Hey There,

I'm looking for a open jabber server which has a web messenger. I use
jappix, but It's not compartible with an old kindle. (He can access
only "mobile" websites....) does anyone has any suggestions?


Jan "Arsimael" Schneeberger
Leitung Vox Noctem, Servertechnik
(09321) 30 84 69

Vox Noctem - Die Stimme der Nacht 

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Am 16.01.2012 20:51, schrieb Mathias Ertl:
> Hi,
> On 2012-01-16 20:08, Daniel Fischaleck wrote:
>> it is no big deal in my opinion. Mati just has to implement a function which 
>> is capable to display the server list on third party homepages using the PHP 
>> include command.
>> In other words: if you have some spare time, Mati, then please think about how 
>> xmpp.org could fetch the list from jabber.at (maybe with a small copyright on 
>> its footer) and display it on their server list page.
> There is an API for use by clients, but I won't object to other
> homepages using it. Server-admins: If you want to display the data on
> your homepage, feel free to do so! (Something like an attribution to me
> would still be nice, of course). Thats of course also true for the XSF
> and xmpp.org.
> The site itself is Open Source - the link to the git-repo is on the
> bottom of every page. This reminds me, that I still have to add some
> license :-). If you want to run your own instance of the CMS - I'm happy
> to give assistance.
> Django Sites can run under multiple domains. If the XSF is willing to do
> so, it can just point list.xmpp.org to jabber.at. I'm also happy to
> maintain the same at some XSF server.
> Hey, XMPP is an open network. Share and collaborate!
> greetings, Mati
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