[Operators] Future of XMPP Re: The Google issue

Alexander Holler holler at ahsoftware.de
Tue Dec 3 16:33:08 UTC 2013

Am 03.12.2013 17:11, schrieb Alexander Holler:
> Am 03.12.2013 15:11, schrieb Matthew Wild:

>> I'm not saying that XMPP is the best fit for all M2M applications, but
>> I definitely don't agree that it's inherently a poor fit either as you
>> suggest.
> Sorry, but you just missed my point. I haven't written anything about
> traffic or bandwidth, the problem is the need for the parser itself.
> So I didn't mean traffic or bandwidth overhead, but code overhead.
> Writing and verifying the correct operation of an XMPP-server is
> anything but trivial. And M2M is something where usually no admin is
> around which can restart a server or even fix bugs.

So to conclude, it's usually a bad idea to tread a machine like some 
user device which runs a xmpp-client where nobody does care a lot if the 
client or the device itself crashes.

Alexander Holler

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