[Operators] Operators Digest, Vol 59, Issue 7

René Gallati regal at nine.ch
Thu Feb 14 10:05:31 UTC 2013

>> Folks, I've done some research about this on the jabber.org service.
>> As a result, I have contacted the abuse team at the ISP from which the
>> spam originated. I will report further once I know more.
> Oh, let me guess... limestonenetworks?
> I'll send them a mail, too.
> Peter

Sorry for replying to the lists' digest.

I took over management of swissjabber.org and I noticed a huge amount of
concurrent connections just the other day. In one case there were more
than 2000 connections open from the same source. I'm kind of glad that
the spammers are rather obvious to find and I've since blocked the IPs
by the firewall and looked for others.

Up to now I have 8 IPs banned by the firewall; all of these originate
from limestonenetworks. I've sent them an abuse message yesterday but
have not heard back.

If you're interested, here's the list of the IPs I banned:

The last one appeared between yesterday and today. I suggest you don't
accept any connections from these IPs atm.

Freundliche Grüsse / kind regards

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