[Operators] Spammy invites

Clément Février clement at forumanalogue.fr
Sun Feb 17 01:24:17 UTC 2013

Le 13/02/2013 09:48, Per Gustafsson a écrit :
> I work with Google's chat service, and we are seeing lots of spammy
> invites from users on various federated domains, including jabberes.org
> <http://jabberes.org>, jabber.se <http://jabber.se>, jabber-hosting.com
> <http://jabber-hosting.com> and jabber.org <http://jabber.org>. Have you
> noted an elevated amount of sccount creation etc., and is there anything
> you can do about it in that case, otherwise we will have to institute
> very tight limits of invites per day being sent from federated domains.


I've got those spammy accounts on my server too for few days. Around
2,000 accounts created the last 10 days coming from 3 IP addresses (ISP
: limestonenetworks).

Adding the IPs I could identified to the deny list on my firewall didn't
completely solved the problem (too many IPs) so I've disabled the
registration for now, looking for a way to reduce the spam coming from
my server.

My 2c,

Clément Février
Président d'Ubuntu-Lyon

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