[Operators] public XMPP service: [jabberpl.org]

Rafał Zawadzki bluszcz at jabberpl.org
Tue Jul 30 12:45:19 UTC 2013

Hi Guys.

After next two weeks of waiting I decided to post again. I believe that 
this process needs to be improved.

For one month I had almost no feedback - probably distributing this 
task for more people would help a bit.

Can I do something on my side to help my server (and I believe other 
awaiting) to appear on the list?

On 18.07.2013 18:13, Rafal Zawadzki wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not sure what happened - but seems that process just stuck 
> somewhere.
> My server is still not visible here: http://xmpp.net/
> So I *bump* to refresh the thread.
> Cheers.
> On 30.06.2013 21:56, Rafał Zawadzki wrote:
>> domain: jabberpl.org

Rafal bluszcz Zawadzki http://dev.bluszcz.net
https://jabberpl.org - XMPP server which respects your privacy
http://idoru.pl - friendly area of internet

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