[Operators] Whitelist for third party XMPP servers to invite gmail.com accounts

Jan Pinkas pinkas at humboldtec.cz
Tue Mar 5 20:31:29 UTC 2013

this "solution" killed using transports (from external servers) for Google
Apps / Google Talk users. RIE from transports is dead too.

Best regards,
Pinky from Jabbim.com

2013/3/1 Sebastián Odena <sebodena at gmail.com>

> I am unable to send chat invites from my xmpp server to gmail.comaccounts.
> I read here:
> http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/operators/2013-March/001610.html
> that gmail blocked all federated servers for sending chat invites. It this
> true?
> Please, allow a whitelist to include servers that are not spammy. I run a
> chat service that users
> use with their own gmail accounts and my service is down for new users
> because of this issue.
> Thanks,
> Seb.
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