[Operators] Spam Registrations

Jonas Wielicki xmpp-operators at sotecware.net
Thu May 23 15:28:46 UTC 2013

I know that this proposal is kind of dangerous as it requires
introspection of the users messages.

But how about this: After registration, the users is put on a
surveillance list, for like a few days or weeks. She shall be notified
about this, in the Terms of service and possibly by a system tool
reminding about that (good location to link to OTR tools also).

During that time, invitations are forced to have text, otherwise they're
rejected by the server. Additionally, all text messages are scanned with
a bayes filter, same for the invitation texts.

If the filter alerts that it's possibly spam, it could highlight that
for an operator, who can then manually investigate the account. If the
account has been okay for a few weeks and produced a reasonable amount
of traffic, it can be removed from surveillance.

This is just a starting point; I am not an operator of an open server (I
operate a private one where I know everyone having an account by face),
nor do I have to deal with spam issues right now, except in my Inbox
(where thunderbird does it's job just fine).

I don't like that proposal too much myself, as it requires intruding the
users privacy to a certain extent for a certain period of time. It's
just what my mind came up putting all the pieces I've seen on
mailinglists these days together.


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