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Security is not favoritism, you can suitably support 112/128 bits ciphers without impacting the grade, using legacy client compatibility as an excuse to *still* deploy very weak ciphers or low grade keys, can't perhaps be any accepted or be reasoned as a form of favoritism or elitism (.. even because even most old systems / clients have support for what I mentioned above).


P.S. The year is 2013 not 1998.. Maybe it's time to start acting according to that.

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Hi Folks,

Although there's some merit to Aryo's suggestions, there's a problem with it:
Most people should primarily be looking for an XMPP server that is in their
region of the world, not necessarily one that "scores highest". Sorting by
country/region is therefore preferred.
The shorter the data transmission paths, the smaller the chance of
interception of data and the better the overall user experience. In
addition, XMPP's network gets its strength from being distributed,

In addition, only including score grade "A" is a little short-sighted, IMHO,
as server operators may be very good admins running a secure server while
not getting a grade A (for example by offering potentially weaker ciphers
for extended compatibility with clients - the test seems to pick the lowest
available to grade servers on). Pushing specific servers to the foreground
based on their score is a breeding ground for favoritism which I think we
should avoid.

Kind regards,

On 01/11/2013 08:27, Aryo Sandiyudo wrote:
> 1. In my opinion, the list of "Public directory server"
> (http://xmpp.net/directory.php) should be displayed sort by score (C2S
> and S2S) owned by each server from A to F. 2. Part of the list of "Public
> directory server" should be placed next to "Recent Results", located on
> the front page and displays randomly say 10 servers that have a score of
> A with the "See more" link if a visitor decides to see the full list.
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