[Operators] About the IM Observatory and the old xml files

Cesar Alcalde lambda512 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 19:43:22 UTC 2013


The old xmpp.net website that contained the old public directory, also
linked to the list in xml format ( http://xmpp.net/services.xml ) That file
seems to have been removed with the transition to the IM Observatory,
although outdated versions seem to exist at xmpp.org:

- http://xmpp.org/services/services.xml
- http://xmpp.org/services/services-full.xml

I guess that those lists are still on xmpp.org in order to maintain
compatibility with the clients that used them in their "new account"

I use those files, along with the (less complete) list at
https://list.jabber.at/ , to fetch the servers that will appear at

Do you plan to bring back the xml list? Would it be possible to have it
with the "full" format (including description, homepage, coordinates...)?
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