[Operators] DNSSEC

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Wed Nov 20 14:23:36 UTC 2013


El 2013-11-20 12:46:07, Rafał Zawadzki escribió:
> when you have reliable good one - please share your thoughts.

I don't know if they offer services to customers in other countries.
But I have very good experience with InterNetX (http://www.internetx.de/)
here in Germany.
Not just with DNSsec. Typically they support new protocols or record
types in the DNS very early. Any they have a very cool web interface to
manage you account. (REST interface as available as well.)

(Note: for DNSsec support operating own nameservers is required, as
their own nameservers cannot host secured zones AFAIK.)


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