[Operators] DNSSEC

Jonas Wielicki xmpp-operators at sotecware.net
Wed Nov 20 14:50:16 UTC 2013

On 20.11.2013 15:43, Rafał Zawadzki wrote:
>>>>> That's good progress! I'll need to investigate which registries the
>>>>> various .org domains are using so that I can get jabber.org signed. :)
>>>> when you have reliable good one - please share your thoughts.
>>> I'll throw in a good word for Gandi (www.gandi.net).  I finished moving
>>> my domains over there this summer, and couldn't be happier.
>> I'd support that.
> Do I have to pay some extra stuff for it?
> I think godaddy needs premium account to have possbility make DS for max
> 5 domains or something....
> Thanks, now just migrate the domains ;)

No extra fees for DNSSEC at gandi.

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