[Operators] The Google issue

Robert Norris robn at fastmail.fm
Fri Nov 22 08:37:28 UTC 2013

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013, at 07:29 PM, Eric Koldeweij wrote:
> On 21-Nov-13 21:20, Solomon Peachy wrote:
> > I have mixed feelings about this, because I'm the only user on my
> > server, and only two folks on my roster aren't google-hosted.
> > Frankly, without Google federation I might as well not bother.
> I second this. Many of my users have contacts within Google and I do
> not wish to break connection between them.

Just to add a datapoint, I will not be doing anything to FastMail's XMPP
servers to make them unable to communicate with Google. Not that I
disagree with the goal of getting secure connections everywhere, but I
have to consider the fact that the vast majority of my users talk to
people on Google-hosted XMPP accounts. It wouldn't do anything for them
to cut them off.

Maybe if we were primarily an XMPP provider it'd be different, but we're
not - its a secondary service at best. I don't have the time or the
interest right now to be an activist.

I know we're not a big provider, and not a free provider, so maybe what
we do doesn't count for much, but there it is anyway. I am watching the
whole process closely though. I do hope a workable solution is found!

Rob N,

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