[Operators] The Google issue

Solomon Peachy pizza at shaftnet.org
Fri Nov 22 15:31:15 UTC 2013

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 09:50:43AM +0000, Dave Cridland wrote:
> However, I stress - the point, to me, of the 4th January test is not to cut
> connections to Google, or send some Message, or anything else along those
> lines.

Oh, I completely agree.

> The point is to see what happens, accepting there will be some disruption,
> and accepting that we may have to re-examine what we think is achievable
> here.

Strong end-to-end encryption is the ideal situation, and we need to make 
sure there are no technical impediments to achieving this.  Therefore, I 
will gladly participate on this (and future) interop/test days.

But I can't sign the manifesto, because I strongly believe committing to 
a hard cut-off date for non-encrypted S2S traffic is counterproductive.

 - Solomon
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