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Mathias Ertl mati at fsinf.at
Thu Nov 28 15:47:07 UTC 2013


As some of you perhaps still now, we at jabber.at used a simple Drupal
module for account registration in addition to In-Band Registration. We
received loads of SPAM-registrations with it (much more so then In-Band
Registration!), users frequently thought they could/should log into our
homepage and there was no password reset feature either.

Fed up with the situation, I have coded a small Django project as a


The project is of course Free Software, so I'd like to invite anyone who
finds it useful to use it yourself, documentation is available at

To combat SPAM, it provides ReCAPTCHA support, requires
Email-confirmation and features a few form-related Anti-Spam tricks. As
a bonus, users can also reset their password and delete their account.
Previously, users weren't able to reset their password once they
forgot/lost it. Users who have previously registered via In-Band
registration should use the 'Set email' tab to be able to reset their

The communication with your XMPP-server happens via a "backend" plugin,
and you can easily implement your own backend. So far there are
ready-to-use implementations using ejabberdctl and ejabberd_mod_xmlrpc
(I imagine a backend using an XMPP connection and/or for Prosody would
be useful). There is also a handy admin interface to get an overview of
registrations at /admin/.

Contact me directly (off-list, depending on the subject) if you have any
questions, suggestions or need help deploying the project yourself.

greetings, Mati

twitter: @mathiasertl | xing: Mathias Ertl | email: mati at er.tl
I only read plain-text mail!  I prefer signed/encrypted mail!

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