[Operators] Message delivery

Tomek Nagisa kaworu at k2t.eu
Mon Oct 28 10:11:51 UTC 2013

First my message on group, so hi everyone. 


And now I have question, do we have any XEP that allows server (and client)
to know wherever message was received by client (and server) on closest

Why do I need it, consider the following:


1. Connection is dropped because client's router exploded, but client does
not know about it (yet);

2. Client (or server) send some messages;

3. TCP-stack notices problem and drops faulty connection;


I know, exploding routers are not very common these days, but connection
drops does occur. And since there is a time window between point 1 and 3 -
messages are lost and nobody knows about it. And this is serious problem in
non-reliable networks.


So I want to do something like this:


* If message is sent

* on next hop, receiving entity must acknowledge it's reception 

* if it does not do that it in (configurable) time, connection is dropped,

** if we are server, message will be left in offline queue and redelivered
when client  reconnects (or delivered to another connected resource);

** if we are client, we can inform user about the problem or put message
"on-hold" and try to redeliver it when connection will be reestablished;


AMP would be nice for this but AMP works only on client->server and does not
provide "delivery/always" (or something like that) condition.





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