[Operators] public XMPP service: mamalibre.com.ar

Fabián Bonetti mama21mama2000 at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Sep 11 17:17:13 UTC 2013

>I sent an email message to hostmaster, postmaster, and webmaster at
>mamalibre.com.ar on June 26, but never received a reply. Please make
>sure that you have at least one of those addresses working, because
>that's how we verify if a request was generated by someone who is
>authorized to speak for the domain.
>- -- 
>Peter Saint-Andre

Awaiting approval. please send mail to webmaster at mamalibre.com.ar


Puppy-es OS :. http://puppyes.com.ar
BSS Servicio :. $telnet bayresmail.com.ar 2323
MamaLibre Reader :. http://mamalibre.com.ar/reader
Buscador de Argentina :. http://aranio.com.ar
Voip Mumble :. http://mumble.com.ar
Web Hosting :. http://mamalibre.com.ar
Red Social :. http://legadolibre.com.ar http://statusnet.mamalibre.com.ar
Jabber/XMPP :. http://mamalibre.com.ar/xmpp
MamaLibre, Casa en Lincoln, Ituzaingo 1085 CP6070, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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