[Operators] Metronome's Server Buddies (XEP-267), Service Directories (XEP-309) "toolkit" for Public Services.

Marco Cirillo maranda at lightwitch.org
Mon Sep 30 21:40:46 UTC 2013

I was unsure if this was better meant for jdev or operators, but since 
it's more about interop tests I thought the latter.

In these days I have been working on a set of modules for Metronome 
regarding Server Buddies and Service Directories what I came out with is 
3 modules:
- mod_server_presence, which is the main worker module that implements 
peer server subscription handling which can be used outside listing scopes
- mod_public_service, which sets a configurable static vcard4 for the 
host which it is loaded on and adds "urn:xmpp:public-server" between 
service discovery features to be recognizable by Service Directories as 
available for listing.
- mod_service_directory, to turn the host it's loaded on in a service 
directory, which it's possible to subscribe to PubSub wise as stated in 
the XEP and will broadcast updates to subribed entities.

Now the question is are there any known implementation / available 
deployment to do some interoperability tests? I was able to test 
successfully between other servers running Metronome. But couldn't find 
any other complete implementation or deployment.

I have a testing directory deployed at metronome.im btw.



*Marco Cirillo*
/LW.Org/LW.Org IM Owner & Head Developer/
/Metronome IM Project Mantainer/Developer/

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