[Operators] Metronome's Server Buddies (XEP-267), Service Directories (XEP-309) "toolkit" for Public Services.

Ludovic BOCQUET lbxmpp at live.com
Mon Sep 30 23:00:50 UTC 2013

Hello Marco,

Nice to see this :)

A good news for http://xmpp.net/ and other public services list.

I hope that other XMPP server developers will add the XEP-0267 and
XEP-0309 in server softwares too!


An XSF member
XMPP Standards Foundation

Le 30/09/2013 23:40, Marco Cirillo a écrit :
> I was unsure if this was better meant for jdev or operators, but since
> it's more about interop tests I thought the latter.
> In these days I have been working on a set of modules for Metronome
> regarding Server Buddies and Service Directories what I came out with
> is 3 modules:
> - mod_server_presence, which is the main worker module that implements
> peer server subscription handling which can be used outside listing scopes
> - mod_public_service, which sets a configurable static vcard4 for the
> host which it is loaded on and adds "urn:xmpp:public-server" between
> service discovery features to be recognizable by Service Directories
> as available for listing.
> - mod_service_directory, to turn the host it's loaded on in a service
> directory, which it's possible to subscribe to PubSub wise as stated
> in the XEP and will broadcast updates to subribed entities.
> Now the question is are there any known implementation / available
> deployment to do some interoperability tests? I was able to test
> successfully between other servers running Metronome. But couldn't
> find any other complete implementation or deployment.
> I have a testing directory deployed at metronome.im btw.
> Regards,
> -- 
> *Marco Cirillo*
> /LW.Org/LW.Org IM Owner & Head Developer/
> /Metronome IM Project Mantainer/Developer/
> http://lightwitch.org

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