[Operators] Google status?

Jack L. Frost fbt at fleshless.org
Wed Aug 13 21:14:41 UTC 2014

> Are there any better ideas for dealing with this user "experience" when
> naively attempting to chat with a Google Hangouts user?

There is one[0]. Refusing s2s over unencrypted connections cuts off google's
xmpp as a consequence (they don't have s2s encryption at all). And I honestly
think that by doing that you're doing your users a favour.

And yeah, users will get mad. But I don't subscribe to the idea that we should
tolerate Google as a part of the federation just because users will get mad
they can't talk to some of their friends. Users will riot for a bit and then
proceed to educate their friends about the fact that there are better jabber

Take a stand and solve the problem once and for all. Other solutions are ugly.

[0] https://github.com/stpeter/manifesto/blob/master/manifesto.txt

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