[Operators] palemoon.net shutting down

Thomas camaran at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 21:58:42 UTC 2014

Can you give me your domains? 

Inviato da iPhone

> Il giorno 15/ago/2014, alle ore 23:17, Moonchild <moonchild at palemoon.org> ha scritto:
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> Hello fellow operators,
> A courtesy notice: I'll be shutting down my XMPP service at palemoon.net
> permanently at the end of this month. Reasons are multiple for this
> decision, but mostly because of administrative pressure and lack of time to
> properly operate the service - and I don't want to do a half-assed job on
> real-time communication services that people often rely on. I'm informing
> the users who are actively using my server to find a replacement in the XMPP
> directory.
> List admins: Kindly remove the palemoon.net entry from the directory.
> You may see some increase in new registrations as a result, although I don't
> think it will be significant with the number of servers people can choose
> from these days (keep the federation growing, folks!)
> All the best,
>  MC.
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> iQEcBAEBAgAGBQJT7nj2AAoJEKxqDlWrbd26gXsH/3XTI9vzU/at1fqlj9vO405r
> bXT+juC6Pdmuww7vG6JCUodWjhUFg8t3Ehc94b8B/6U2dkI4K83fYD+Nb1weNYX0
> BvcN+4oRXsvfz8mnaF2w8C9k59Lz3hxZTHwe9ijMPahVe8f+FfZ55xbI+Q7yuR0h
> vjFQHQ+9fzYMg2XftZDO8uCL/VUJW0AYd61w+Y0shSnP+J1fqGZKEXmrQNoUuzWm
> BrMh3yxgFAmpSiro3JMJzzOzVmLuWimIOTdIDbl3VMoidwFWj3h3LMNJXoBFLn94
> yLZPadHP5t63jPM/KcvTzgPhMLt6maORZvknmsB3MzOyRuC9Ex2pwImVByXeUh0=
> =5C31

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