[Operators] ECDSA certs score F

Thijs Alkemade thijs at xnyhps.nl
Mon Aug 18 08:21:36 UTC 2014

On 18 aug. 2014, at 10:06, shmick at riseup.net wrote:

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> s2s and c2s tests reporting ok now
> the new badges are a nice addition
> whatever changed in your report is working for ec certs
> interestingly, this is the only server ever reported to have an ec cert
> at xmpp.net

Not really. https://xmpp.net/result.php?id=12660 was the first one, and
there’s one more (https://xmpp.net/result.php?id=48761).

Additionally, there’s a number of servers that have both an EC and a RSA
certificate, but on xmpp.net that means you only get to see the RSA one.
https://xmpp.net/result.php?id=52032#ciphers, for example, could only offer
ECDHE-ECDSA-CHACHA20-POLY1305 with an EC key.

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