[Operators] public XMPP service: psjb.me

Patrick Beisler psjbeisler at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 22:47:34 UTC 2014

*Please add my public XMPP service to the list at xmpp.net
<http://xmpp.net>. The information is as follows:*

   - *domain*: [psjb.me]
   - *website*: [https://psjb.me/]
   - *year launched*: [2014]
   - *country*: [USA]
   - *latitude*: [40.338354]
   - *longitude*: [-79.888238]
   - *CA*: [PositiveSSL]
   - *server software*: [Prosody]
   - *admin name*: [Patrick Beisler]
   - *admin JID*: [psjbeisler at psjb.me]
   - *description*: [Free & secure service for those that need it]

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