[Operators] XMPP bashing

Claudiu Curcă claudiu at coderollers.com
Mon Feb 3 13:09:58 UTC 2014

Two things I don't understand here...
1. Why is that comment classified as "XMPP bashing"? His arguments are valid
(Skype, and I could personally think of a few more examples, as a *service*
IS more user-friendly than any XMPP-based service, especially if you want
more than text chatting).
2. While the article itself was very interesting, why is the comment
interesting to the operators group? This looks like neighborhood wars, where
"the bros" are called to arms to pick on the guy from a different
neighborhood who's passing by and saying this neighborhood is less colorful
than his own.

Opinion should not be forced upon people, but rather accepted and respected,
unless offensive.


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