[Operators] XMPP bashing

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Feb 3 18:09:19 UTC 2014

On 3 Feb 2014 16:44, "Andreas Kuckartz" <a.kuckartz at ping.de> wrote:
> Claudiu Curcă:
> > 1. Why is that comment classified as "XMPP bashing"?
> As far as I know Daniel is mostly an SIP guy and is trying to _help_ the
> XMPP community by pointing to that comment. But I also do not think that
> the comment is "bashing" anything.

It's making statements of fact which are incorrect, and using those to
justify a strong statement of opinion.

> > why is the comment interesting to the operators group?
> The comment states that XMPP "lacks a protocol-level acknowledge and
> I've seen it loose messages regularly when running through flaky proxy"
> It certainly is possible to reply to that without taking up arms.

And I have.

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