[Operators] dot xmpp

Eric Koldeweij eric at no-sense.net
Wed Feb 5 11:33:22 UTC 2014

On 02/05/14 12:20, Thomas Camaran wrote:
> Why not a new tld .xmpp ?

I see two main reasons:

- as already mentioned, the cost. Who would pay?
- what would be the added value of having a .xmpp tld? In my opinion, 

Sure, if the tld owner would offer .xmpp domains for a reasonable price 
I would seriously consider getting one or two. But my current .net 
domain works very well and I do not see how it would work "better" under 
a .xmpp tld.

Soooo.... If you pony up the $50k+, I will register a few domains with 
you, OK?  Dibs on no-sense.xmpp ! ;)


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