[Operators] DDoS attacks against jabber.org

David Banes david at banes.org
Fri Feb 7 15:32:50 UTC 2014

To get back on topic :)

Why don't we work up a top level XSF policy that say's badly behaving servers will be blacklisted, and actually run a black list along the lines of Spamhaus;


We can then publish the list, make diffs available via a simple API, and wrap that in a process allowing blacklisted server/services to get off the list. This process sort of works in email land.

Yes we'll have FP's and FN's and yes someone has to build and run it. But at least then we're offering something of value to existing and potential new XSF members as well as being seen to do something about the problem. 

All the discussions about how various services and servers manage there own traffic, or don't, can be on another list. 

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