[Operators] DDoS attacks against jabber.org

Marco Cirillo maranda at lightwitch.org
Fri Feb 7 14:49:49 UTC 2014

Frankly a "XMPP RBL" sounds beyond the duties of the XSF,
Beside promoting activities I don't think the XSF has normative 
entitlements on federated servers operation right now.

It would be ok, to have such services on a community driven base.


On 07/02/2014 16:32, David Banes wrote:
> To get back on topic :)
> Why don't we work up a top level XSF policy that say's badly behaving 
> servers will be blacklisted, and actually run a black list along the 
> lines of Spamhaus;
> http://www.spamhaus.org
> We can then publish the list, make diffs available via a simple API, 
> and wrap that in a process allowing blacklisted server/services to get 
> off the list. This process sort of works in email land.
> Yes we'll have FP's and FN's and yes someone has to build and run it. 
> But at least then we're offering something of value to existing and 
> potential new XSF members as well as being seen to do something about 
> the problem.
> All the discussions about how various services and servers manage 
> there own traffic, or don't, can be on another list.
> Kind Regards,
> David
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