[Operators] Chatme.im to prosody

Leho Kraav leho at kraav.com
Sun Jan 5 20:15:38 UTC 2014

On 05.01.2014 22:11, Moonchild wrote:
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> On 05/01/2014 20:39, Leho Kraav wrote:
>> I'm also considering OpenFire -> something move, because for one crucial
>> feature OpenFire doesn't support being logged in with multiple
>> resources. http://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-103 seems
>> completely dead for years.
> Maybe it's a stale bug status, but logging in with multiple resources on a
> single account most *definitely* works on OpenFire - I use it all the time
> on my 3.8.2 install, no issues. It even nicely lists the different resource
> connections in the web based admin interface when calling up session
> details, so I'm not sure what would not be working there.

It doesn't work for MUC-s, where previous resources simply get kicked 
out. If you browse around the bug links (duplicates, archived) you'll 
see specific code was introduced to do this.

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