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Moonchild moonchild at palemoon.org
Sun Jan 5 20:56:01 UTC 2014

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On 05/01/2014 21:15, Leho Kraav wrote:
>> Maybe it's a stale bug status, but logging in with multiple resources
>> on a single account most *definitely* works on OpenFire - I use it all
>> the time on my 3.8.2 install, no issues. It even nicely lists the
>> different resource connections in the web based admin interface when
>> calling up session details, so I'm not sure what would not be working
>> there.
> It doesn't work for MUC-s, where previous resources simply get kicked
> out. If you browse around the bug links (duplicates, archived) you'll see
> specific code was introduced to do this.

There is a (configurable!) option to kick users if there is a resource
conflict (always, never, allow 1 grace connection, or assign a kick value),
meaning if you try to log in using the *same* resource on the same account.
By default this is set to kick the old resource.

If you are using a different resource however, you can have plenty of
connections on the same account with different resources.

That being said, I have my server configured to allow a single grace
connection in case of a (jid+resource) conflict, so maybe that works around
the MUC issue linked to? Whatever it may be: no issues for me that I can
find. I do hope Prosody is worth losing your admin interface - personally,
I'd be hard pressed to go back to config file editing in a text editor.

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