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Mike Taylor bear at bear.im
Sat Jan 18 23:05:01 UTC 2014

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On 01/18/2014 05:52 PM, Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 10:37 PM, Matthew Wild <mwild1 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:mwild1 at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> On 18 January 2014 21:50, Daniel Pocock <daniel at pocock.com.au 
> <mailto:daniel at pocock.com.au>> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We have just enabled federated SIP for debian.org
> <http://debian.org>.  It is very basic,
>> just a SIP proxy and TURN server.  People can register and make
> calls to
>> each other and other federated SIP domains using TLS.  There is
>> no presence server or other stuff so far.
> I know this is a milestone, good work :)
>> XMPP is also on the roadmap, I would like to see it happen within
>> 1-3 months at most.  A lot of the work done for SIP (e.g.
>> discussions
> about
>> naming conventions, authentication databases, TURN server, etc)
> applies
>> to XMPP too so there should be less effort to get XMPP now.
> Excellent news. I know there has been talk of an XMPP server on 
> debian.org <http://debian.org> on and off for some time, it would
> be great to see this happen :)
> I agree, I think this is great news.

+1 I am glad to see debian.org following this path!

>> The biggest challenge is that all Debian infrastructure is run
>> by volunteers: in this type of community, it is not reasonable to
>> ask
> them
>> to support anything that will be a drain on their time.  That is
> why we
>> started off without things like presence support in SIP.
>> I'd be really interested to get feedback from the XMPP community,
>> in particular,
>> a) would anybody from the XMPP community would like to be
>> personally involved in advising on this next stage of the
>> debian.org
> <http://debian.org> RTC project?
> I'd be able and willing to help with this. I'm not a Debian
> developer, but I admire the project a lot and would love to
> contribute in this way. I am a volunteer admin of a number of XMPP
> servers already, including jabber.org <http://jabber.org>,
> dukgo.com <http://dukgo.com> (DuckDuckGo's community server) and 
> some smaller public services. As an XMPP developer I've worked on 
> integrating XMPP servers with all kinds of systems.
> I'd add that Matt serves on the XMPP Council here at the XSF, too -
> he's amongst the best people you could have offering to help.
> Despite having been a competitor to Matt for many years, I've no
> hesitation in recommending him.

I would like to add onto the praise for Matthew as either a general
advisor but also in the specific case for Prosody.

Prosody IMO is one of the few fully open-source XMPP servers that will
come "batteries included" for your project.

>> b) can anybody comment on which products may suit Debian's
>> operational requirements?
> On discussing actual software I have to disclose that I'm a
> developer of Prosody, an open-source XMPP server. I think it would
> cover all your needs, but it would be helpful to know a little bit
> more about them.
> I don't know why, but I've a strange idea that suggesting M-Link
> isn't going to fly... ;-)
> There's a number of good XMPP servers. Prosody is certainly one of
> the best, and it's also open-source. I've personally worked on
> other XMPP servers, and I find the source code reasonably easy to
> jump into despite not knowing Lua.
> If I were in Debian's position, I think Matt's offer of help would
> be enough to swing the decision in Prosody's favour.
> One interesting thing about Prosody is that there's an unofficial
> IRC C2S module knocking around, allowing IRC clients to connect to
> its MUC chatrooms. Speaking as a XMPP kind of guy, I'd be very
> interested in seeing whether unifying Debians' IRC activities with
> this RTC project in this way would be a possible goal. This code
> needs work, but I personally would be very interested in seeing
> whether we could make this happen.

again, echoing the recommendation for Prosody.

please don't hesitate to ask the XSF (Dave and I are both on the
board) for any help but I think you will find that the XMPP membership
is going to be helpful as a default.

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