[Operators] May 19th - Permanent encrypted XMPP network and Open Discussion Day

Kim Alvefur zash at zash.se
Mon May 19 11:15:43 UTC 2014

On 2014-05-19 10:37, Simon Tennant wrote:
> One problem I have noticed:
>   * domains that use CACert certificates are problematic. 
> Probably due to cacert being dropped from the trust chain. The site in
> question went to a different registrar and everything works now.

You are all confusing encryption and authentication again.  CAcert.org
certs will still work if you fall back to dialback, just as self-signed
certs will continue to work.  This is about mandatory *encryption* not
mandatory PKIX certificate authentication.

Kim "Zash" Alvefur

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