[Operators] jabber.ru s2s problem

sergio mailbox at sergio.spb.ru
Tue Mar 10 18:52:52 UTC 2015


Starting the last February's Friday (26-02-2015) s2s between jabber.ru
and our corporate ejabberd is partially broken in the following way: our
users can receive messages from jabber.ru but jabber.ru users can't
receive messages from our users.

* I've touched no ejabberd setting.
* s2s with other servers works fine.
* I've already tried to write to jabber.ru admin (xmpp:
ermine at jabber.ru) without any success
* The ejabberd on my own jabber.ru.net with the similar setup to our
corporate server works fine.
* ssl is totallly disabled on s2s connections on both servers.

Due to some reasons there were used two different IPs for incoming and
outgoing s2s connections for our corporate server. Now the only one IP
is used for all s2s connection. But it still doesn't work.

Am I alone? What have I missed?


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