[Operators] Annoying spam

Peter Saint-Andre - &yet peter at andyet.net
Wed Sep 9 14:23:13 UTC 2015

Yes, it's spam about how to send more spam = metaspam!

I've seen such messages also from JIDs at ordaproject.me, bashtel.ru, 
jabber.ofmycity.com, sj.ms, freexmpp.net, etc.

I suspect that some of these are throwaway domains just for spamming 
because they have self-signed certificates etc.

It might be time to revisit the old spam-prevention specs we started to 
define years ago.


On 9/9/15 8:17 AM, Arsimael Inshan wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't know if I am the only one with this problem, but since a few
> days I get spammed with messages via XMPP. They look like this:
> reklama2412 at jabber.ozerki.net: ************RUSSIAN************
> Качественная спам рассылка по Jabber клиентам.
> В наличии свыше 50000 живых контактов!  Постоянное пополнение!
> Низкие цены - высокое качество!
> Контакты для связи:
> reklama at bin.vc
> ************ENGLISH************
> Quality Jabber spam mailing to customers.
> In the presence of more than 50,000 live contacts! Constant replenishment!
> Low prices - high quality!
> Contact information:
> reklama at bin.vc
> I try to contact the operators of these servers, but I don't get any
> response and the accounts are still up and running.
> Now I start blocking these obviously NOT maintained servers and post
> them on my homepage wth the reason why they were blocked.
> I hope some of the admins of ozerki.net, bin.vc, jabber.ru are in this
> list and see this.

Peter Saint-Andre

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