[Operators] XMPP DDoS on yax.im today

Marcelo Terres mhterres at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 10:57:04 UTC 2016

If I'm not wrong, XFS is already  discussing about message spam and
possible measures to avoid it.


Em 30 de ago de 2016 6:18 AM, <ai at jhml.de> escreveu:

I read through the list and saw many many domains I also received mass
ammounts of SPAM lately.
Sadly the admins of the domains:

- freexmpp.net
- instalock.pl
- jabber.ozerki.net
- qip.ru
- sj.ms

Are not responding to any email and don't care about their services. Last
time I had to write to their providers' abuse@ mailadress and even then, I
just barely got a response.

many other domains I recognize are run by people which are not on this
list. I'll forward your mail to them and tell them to have a look on their

We really shoudl think about a database or something to list "bad
providers" - means providers which are not taking care about their systems
and allow permanent spamming and so on...


Am 2016-08-30 03:32, schrieb Mike Barnes:

> I noticed some of those accounts being registered on one of my servers
> and regret not looking into it at the time.
> All 22 of the accounts on freestucks.com [2] were registered on the
> same day, from the same IP (Russian). It stood out because
> freestucks.com [2] isn't publicised anywhere, it's on no lists that
> I'm aware of, and just exists for the benefit of myself and a few
> friends. New accounts are extremely rare on that host, so a large
> bunch 10 days ago raised my eyebrows a bit.
> I'll check that IP against the logs to see if anything's still coming
> in from that source.
> On 30 August 2016 at 02:36, Georg Lukas <georg at op-co.de> wrote:
> * Georg Lukas <georg at op-co.de> [2016-08-29 18:35]:
>>> I've attached the list of domains [...]
>> Now for real.
>> Georg
>> --
>> || http://op-co.de [1] ++ GCS d--(++) s: a C+++ UL+++ !P L+++ !E
>> W+++ N ++
>> || gpg: 0x962FD2DE || o? K- w---() O M V? PS+ PE-- Y++ PGP+ t+ 5
>> R+ ||
>> || Ge0rG: euIRCnet || X(+++) tv+ b+(++) DI+++ D- G e++++ h- r++ y?
>> ||
>> ++ IRCnet OFTC OPN
>> ||_________________________________________________||
> Links:
> ------
> [1] http://op-co.de
> [2] http://freestucks.com
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