[Operators] Videocalls troubleshooting help request

Andrey Utkin andrey.od.utkin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 07:32:35 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I am obsessed with an idea to provide videocalls capabilities for users
of my Jabber server.

I use recent nightly prosody 0.10 (1nightly197-1~vivi).
I have tried various STUN and/or TURN server packages, currently
stuntman-server (from Ubuntu Wily distribution) should be up and running.
The server is cheap Hetzner VPS where the VPS itself claims it has NATed
address, but there are of course external IPs for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Having failed to make calls with Gajim and few other desktop apps
(Jitsi, Pidgin, some else), I started looked at web apps. Jappix is the
one which proved to work, at last when both endpoints use jappix, and at
last on maintainer's server jappix.com, and at last in Chrome. Jappix
web app generally works on my server, but calls don't work. Server logs
of two call attempts:

As I see "ICE candidates" are successfully found on both endpoints (I
look at chrome://webrtc-internals), the media sources are set up, but
then some magic doesn't happen. It seems irrelevant whether I request
video calls, or audio-only calls.

I can provide also browser logs, but you can also try it by yourself
with URL https://decent.im/jappix/ and these test accounts:

test123 at decent.im : pass "123"
test987 at decent.im : pass "987"

The same seems to happen with JSXC webapp, calls seem to get stuck
pretty the same way.
Server logs:

JSXC web interface can be reached here:

Any help on getting this running is appreciated. Developers of both of
these webapps don't help me with debugging.

I would thank very much also if anybody having working Jabber app with
calls could login to these test accounts and try to make a call, and
report the results.

Also my server listens for BOSH and WebSocket and accepts connections
from other locations. So if there's some webapp not locked to the domain
(like tryit.jssip.net), I'd be happy to try it, too.

Also if you have calls working (i.e. you regularly practice them with
success), please drop me a note - which servers do you use, and which
client apps.

Thank you for your time, and thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

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