[Operators] Videocalls troubleshooting help request

Andrey Utkin andrey.od.utkin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 23:04:32 UTC 2016

On 14.01.2016 15:29, Philipp Hancke wrote:
>> As I see "ICE candidates" are successfully found on both endpoints (I
>> look at chrome://webrtc-internals), the media sources are set up, but
>> then some magic doesn't happen. It seems irrelevant whether I request
>> video calls, or audio-only calls.
> chrome://webrtc-internals only shows a single peerconnection being
> created so something is very wrong.
> Looks like (from the websocket frames) that when calling 987 from 123
> there is a proper jingle-message-initiation message sent. Then there is
> a response but the actual jingle session-initate sent by 123 never
> reaches 987.
> I'd suggest testing with
> http://legastero.github.io/jingle-interop-demos/stanzaio/ (or the
> strophe version)

Thanks a lot!
With this testing page calls _work_, as long as I enter Full JID into
callee address field - with Bare JID it doesn't work, at last on Prosody
(thanks to Zash from prosody channel who came up with help quickly).

Actually, this testing page is by far the most accessible way to make
calls with Jabber! :) Also works the same good way in both Chrome and
Firefox, which is exceptional.
For now I have tested the connection between browser tabs within same
local machine, but this is already something. So now I believe that the
issue is on webapps side, or the interoperability on some non-essential
features is the issue. I think so because Jappix makes this appear in logs:

# grep Unhandled /var/log/prosody/prosody.log
stanzarouter debug Unhandled c2s stanza: iq; xmlns=jabber:iq:privacy
stanzarouter debug Unhandled c2s stanza: iq; xmlns=urn:xmpp:extdisco:1
stanzarouter debug Unhandled c2s stanza: iq;
stanzarouter debug Unhandled c2s stanza: iq;

> Also, you are only providing a stun server. ~20% of calls will not work
> without a TURN server. But you only need to worry about that later.

Thanks for this note.
Could you please recommend exact implementation for TURN?
(I'm curious to hear also recommendations for STUN-only server
implementaions, if there are good ones)
I am confused with what I have read about authentication for usage of
TURN server. Do TURN servers commonly (or by default) serve clients only
if they are "on a whitelist"? I'm fine with no auth for now, just would
be glad to hear a solid word of clairification on the subject.

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