[Operators] JabberFR news and jabber.org ban

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Tue Jul 26 21:03:15 UTC 2016


In the past few month, we, the JabberFR team, migrated our services to
a new physical server, and migrated to a single Prosody 0.10 instance
at the same time (from Ejabberd 2.1.13, Prosody 0.9.8 and Mu-Conference
r79), adding quite a few modules to help with administration, as well
as user-facing ones.

Back in February 2014[1], jabber.org decided to block three of our
hosted domains, im.apinc.org, jabber.fr and im.hadrien.eu, and since
then many of our users complained that they can’t reach their contacts
on this service.  We will not close IBR, since we believe it is
currently the best way for users to obtain an account on our domains,
we also will not close registrations altogether.  We will, however,
take a stronger stance fighting against spam and other attackers using
our newly acquired monitoring capabilities, so I request the ban to be

[1] http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/operators/2014-February/002203.html

Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
Operator of the JabberFR services

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