[Operators] DNS SRV resolution for XMPP server from Punjab Connection Manager

Vaibhav Ranglani ranglani.vaibhav at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 12:40:26 UTC 2016

ejabberd is the name for a docker container accessible from the Punjab
server. It resolves to a dynamic IP allocated from the docker network.

The entry means that whenever I try to connect to irc.herein.co on port
5222 using TCP protocol, it should take me to the ejabberd server.

Thanks for responding
On 9 Jun 2016 6:04 pm, "Ralph Meijer" <ralphm at ik.nu> wrote:

> On 08-06-16 15:55, Vaibhav Ranglani wrote:
>> [..]
>> /*srv-host=_xmpp-client._tcp.irc.hereim.co,ejabberd,5222,0,5
> Are you sure this is correct? This says that the machine hosting this
> server is named `ejabberd`.
> Punjab acts as just another client, so you should be able to connect with
> it using a regular XMPP client.
> --
> ralphm
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