[Operators] Banned XMPP domains due to SPIM

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Mon Nov 14 11:31:19 UTC 2016

In response to my users complaints of SPIM I was forced to ban the
following domains on chrome.pl:

- chatme.im
- cirr.com
- exploit.im
- im.flosoft.biz
- im.meticul.eu
- jabber.co.za
- jabber.dark-world.de
- jabber.free-hack.com
- jabber.lancs.ac.uk
- jabber.perm.ru
- jabber.starnet.cz
- jabberzac.org
- j.advanced.name
- livinglarge.club
- prolixium.com
- prolixium.com
- qip.ru
- swissjabber.de
- tigase.im
- tigase.me
- xakep.org
- xmpp.jumbo.li

Due to the IP address based nature of the ban, if you are on a shared
hosting provider with one of these domains, you are also banned.

I also disabled IPv4 domain resolution fallback on chrome.pl, as most
of these spamming servers do not have proper SRV records set up.

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