[Operators] Using XMPP server behind proxy / NAT

Jan Pinkas pinkas at humboldtec.cz
Wed Apr 26 16:09:06 UTC 2017

2017-04-26 15:15 GMT+02:00 Thomas Leister <xmpp at trashserver.net>:

> Hi operators!
> Is there any kind of technology which lets my Prosody XMPP server or any
> other XMPP server receive a client's IP address even behind a NAT or a
> HAProxy? We do have Proxy Headers for HTTP, but is there something
> similar for XMPP?
> I'd like to run Prosody behind a HAProxy server and at the same time log
> the clients' IP-addresses when auth fails.
> Kind regards,
> Thomas

It's possible. Haproxy have support for TPROXY, if this support is in
kernel. It's not easy, but it's possible. We have same design at Jabbim.


Best, Jan
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