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Leonardo Vinci leonardo.vinci at libero.it
Sun May 28 16:36:44 UTC 2017

Hello friend, 

Have you heard the latest  news already? I think you'll  like it, please read it here http://price.creatinggreatnessnow.com

Thx, Leonardo Vinci

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When my max was a measly  3 reps, I would do  negatives of 3-4 reps for about 8  sets three times a week. After  a few months I could do about  8  pullups so I started doing 3 sets, 5  reps of wide  pull-ups, normal pull-ups, and then  close  chin-ups twice a week. Once I  could do 10 pulls  with general ease, I  added weight to  my sets.  I'm at 3x6 70lb pull ups now, and could do 22 pull ups as my max .

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