[Operators] [ANN] Prometheus blackbox prober for XMPP

Jonas Schäfer jonas at wielicki.name
Mon Jul 1 19:30:02 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Prometheus [1] is a (currently) very popular time-series database and overall 
monitoring solution. In Prometheus terminology, an exporter is a piece of 
software which provides metrics for the Prometheus server to ingest 

The Prometheus XMPP Blackbox Exporter [2], which is hereby announced, is a 
piece of software written in go which allows to execute "blackbox" probes 
against XMPP services to include the results and metrics of those probes in 
ones monitoring.

The intended usecase is to be able to monitor and alert on the availability of 
XMPP services, as well as certificate expiry.

It should be trivial to build (as far as Go software goes). Any feedback is 
appreciated. Feel free to ping me in the common MUCs (I’m jonas’ in xsf@ and 

kind regards,

  [1]: https://prometheus.io/
  [2]: https://github.com/horazont/prometheus-xmpp-blackbox-exporter
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