[standards-jig] JNG Ramblings.

Mike Lin mikelin at MIT.EDU
Fri Aug 9 03:13:05 UTC 2002

> Right now, I take a tcp stream and pass that as the document source to a
> SAX parser. viola jabber client :)

Aren't you also doing something to accumulate depth=1 elements into a
DOM? What if you didn't want blocking I/O?

I recall that at one point Jabber.NET was feeding characters to its XML
parser one at a time, because otherwise it would block. I think now it's
doing something only slightly cleverer. Joe is a smart guy, and I don't
think he would do something this bad if the protocol and tools available
to him didn't make him.

There are any number of similar anecdotes. Some people get really lucky
and have XML suites that have to be hacked very minimally to get things
to work. Other people get really unlucky and have to write their own XML

A properly framed protocol relieves our dependency on how much foresight
the creators of XML processing suites had.


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