[standards-jig] JEP-0034 (SASL Integration)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Aug 13 16:29:25 UTC 2002

JEP-0034 (SASL Integration) has been advanced to Draft status by the
Jabber Council. This would be a good time for all you wonderful Jabber
developers to add support for this security/authentication protocol to
your libraries and clients and such (I know that it is already in jadc2s
as part of jabberd 1.5). Once the 60-day "cooling off period" is finished
(i.e., on or about October 13), I will issue a "call for experience" with
this protocol and then send it to the Jabber Council for consideration as
a Final standard of the JSF.

You can read the spec here:




Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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