[standards-jig] jep-0039 -- jabber:iq:stats

Iain Shigeoka iain.shigeoka at messaginglogic.com
Thu Aug 15 16:10:55 UTC 2002

On 8/15/02 8:10 AM, "Peter Millard" <me at pgmillard.com> wrote:

> Russel -
> First a typo/nit:
> - The xml fragments before Example one have invalid XML :)
>   <stat type=''></item></item></item></stat>, should be:
>   <stat type='foo'><item/><item/><item/></stat>
> Example 4 shows how to handle the 2 tier error stuff.. This seems ok, but it
> kind of stinks to have to check every stat element for a child error element
> without having some other kind of indicator via an attribute. I would like
> to see some kind of attr, but I'm not sure how to modify the packet, since
> it's best to use the existing DTD/Schema of the error element that's used
> everywhere else in jabber. Does anyone have any other ideas how better to do
> this??
> Other than the 2 tier handling, this JEP looks excellent. Great job of
> taking feedback, etc and modifying it.

I'm not sure I understand this problem.  Won't you have to check the child
elements of most of the stats anyhow?  If a valid stat is returned you'll
need to obtain the result, otherwise you'll get the error.

As far as nitpick errors:

Footnote 3 should be moved up to the end of the paragraph before the error
codes or the error codes should be put into a table and the footnote should
be added to a table title.

Footnote 6 should be put into the text probably as a list or table.  The
list of core statistics is the whole meat of that section.  Putting them
into a footnote is confusing.

First sentence of 3.3 doesn't parse.  I think there are a few words missing.

I'm not a major style stickler but I think either the authors, the editor,
or someone should do a basic grammar edit.  There are many complex sentences
that make the JEP difficult to read.  If someone is already doing this
great.  Otherwise, I can volunteer (email me the original doc and I'll
attempt an edit).


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