[standards-jig] Eliminating exceptions from the protocol

Sami Haahtinen ressu at ressukka.net
Tue Jun 4 05:44:23 UTC 2002

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 05:36:55PM -0400, Ralph Siemsen wrote:
> Sami Haahtinen wrote:
> > The 3 basic types allow only 3 types of messages pass through:
> >
> >   * messages, which should be delivered to the endpoint at any cost
> >   * one time information, which should be delivered to the endpoint 
> >     that asked for it, if the endpoint is not there, it didn't really
> >     want it.
> >   * Presence, which informs the other endpoint of the state of the
> >     sender.

the above is how the current system works at the moment.

> I see this a bit differently... You've got:
> * messages, should be delivered at any cost, along with tracking of
>   delivery path and return receipts if desired

This is ofcourse how things should be and with the knowledge i have
about gabber source, it supports return receipts (atleast) and tracking
itself is not _that_ important. althought, i'm not sure how far agents
and transports are trusted, (never tried =) does the server allow
messages that don't originate from that agent to pass through. If the
servers do allow agents to pass along random jids, then we need tracking
of delivery path too.

> * one-way "broadcast" information, such as headlines, news, notices,
>   and also including presence... think of it as low-priority bulk mail

yes, and this sort of messages are getting popular, i have a few RSS
feeds in my roster which make up 50%+ of the messages i get =)


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