[standards-jig] How to get the moderator/admin privileges for a group chat??

Nick nick at devzero.homelinux.com
Fri Feb 28 15:00:51 UTC 2003


	This is not the list to ask these kinds of questions. Please 
see the Users list, contact one of the vendors for support related to 
client issues, or even contact the author of the particular software 
that you are using for support information.

Nicholas Perez
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On 2003.02.28 05:43 Harish MJ wrote:
> I have installed JAJC. I am able to invite the users for group chat
> but when
> I access any option from the Tools menu like "Moderator's list/
> Admin's
> List...." I am getting [405] Not Allowed Error - which is used when
> the
> action is not allowed for the JabberID identified by the 'from'
> address.
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