[Standards-JIG] JEP-0004 (x:data) Examples and a Question

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Sun Apr 4 02:46:13 UTC 2004

JD Conley wrote:

>6.1 (Example 2) - The type attribute on the data form is "result" but
>should be "form".
>6.1 (Example 3 and 4) - It appears as though Example 4 should be showing
>the result of the form submittal in Example 3, but instead it is the
>same XML as Example 3.
>6.1 (Example 8) - The result x:data form is of type "form" and it should
>be "result".
>A situation that isn't made very clear by the JEP is the result form.
>It states that a result may contain multiple results by using the
><item/> element to encapsulate sets of fields (rows) and a <reported/>
>element to define the fields in the rows.  Does this mean an x:data data
>provider, when returning only a single result, should not use <item/>
>elements but instead simply include the <field/> elements directly under
>the <x/> element?

No.  Each item returned is wrapped in a <item/> tag.  From 1 to N.  If 
you do not wrap it in an <item/> then it is not a result.

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