[Standards-JIG] Comments of JEP-0073: Basic IM Protocol Suite(from a mobile client perspective)

tony.cheung at asiayeah.com tony.cheung at asiayeah.com
Sun Apr 25 09:07:00 UTC 2004

Yes, it is very nice to have some web-based user registration services, so in-inband registration is even less essential.

For higher development costs on mobile clients, I did not mean the price for the development tools, but the development time. For the same set of features, it sometimes take longer to code in mobile devices. I use free development tools on Palm too. 

I would try to think of adding service discovery and many others, but so far no user has asked for it yet.


Julian Missig <julian at jabber.org> wrote:
>While I agree that In-Band Registration may not be necessary for a 
>mobile client, I'd really like to see Service Discovery everywhere. 
>It's not that much extra effort to at least /respond/ to service 
>discovery requests.
>In-Band Registration is still something I'd like to see covered by 
>having a really good, well-thought-out registration site (perhaps run 
>through jabber.org) to allow new users to set up accounts from their 
>web browser. By running some form of backend application which support 
>registration from the web site, the users don't even need to download 
>clients to get their account set up on /any/ server which has open 
>I call BS on the "Development costs on a mobile client is sometimes 
>simply higher than a desktop client" part of the argument, too. There 
>are Open Source development tools available for Palm development. 
>Mobile clients in general don't have as many features so there is less 
>to develop. Windows development tools are pretty expensive and they 
>don't complain much. Development costs aren't a good excuse for leaving 
>out something as simple as Service Discovery. I just want to be able to 
>query any given connection and be able to reasonably expect a response. 
>Your client costs $15, I think you can manage a very basic Service 
>Discovery response.
>On 24 Apr, 2004, at 22:50, Tony Cheung wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a few comments on the JPEG-0073, especially from a mobile 
>> client perspective.
>> The protocol suite include the In-Band Registration for registering 
>> with servers and services. It is rather common that a mobile client 
>> does not provide the capability to create new user accounts, register 
>> with another server or services. Some mobile clients only provide the 
>> very very basic IM functions and assume the users will use a more 
>> basic IM client on another environment such as Windows or Linux.
>> The same maybe true for Service Discovery.
>> Honestly, I am mostly speaking from my mobile client, Chatopus, which 
>> is running on the Palm OS platform. It does not provide in-band 
>> registration and service discovery currently, as it assumes those 
>> functionalities are best represented from a desktop client. 
>> Development costs on a mobile client is sometimes simply higher than a 
>> desktop client, (due to the development tools), and most mobile 
>> clients need to be very selective on their feature sets.
>> We may need a few more differentiations between mobile and a desktop 
>> IM client for the JEP-0073.
>> Thanks.
>> Regards,
>> Tony Cheung
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